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Constitution & By-laws

Chapter of the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation


1.01 Name:  The name of this organization shall be the North Texas Association for Pupil Transportation, an affiliate of the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation (TAPT), henceforth referred to as the association.


2.01 Purpose:  The purposes for which the North Texas Association for Pupil Transportation is organized are:

a. To promote safe and efficient pupil transportation operations for public school districts within the Education Service Center Region X, in North Texas.

b. To encourage the exchange of ideas and cooperation between public school district transportation providers.

c. To provide leadership for the improvement and advancement of pupil transportation policies, operational standards and equipment on the local, state and national levels.

d. To advise and recommend to local, state and national governing bodies changes in policy, equipment, and methods pertaining to improvement of the safety and efficiency of pupil transportation.

e. To inform members of the profession and the lay public of the needs of public school transportation.

f. To serve as an association for the collection and dissemination of information and for providing service such as publications, conferences, research, training, and other services, which may promote pupil transportation.

g. To assist its members and the industry of pupil transportation in dealing with mutual business problems in one or more of the following areas:  accounting practices, business ethics, commercial and industrial research, standardization, statistics, trade promoting, and relations with government employees and the general public.


3.01 Location of Office:  The location of the office shall be the office of the current Chapter Secretary of the association unless otherwise determined by the Executive Committee.


4.01 Membership: Membership in the organization shall be open to all public school district personnel involved in pupil transportation operations in Education Service Centers Region X.  Membership shall also be open to individuals connected with pupil transportation in a supply or technical advisory capacity.

The association shall have three (3) classes of members: Active, Associate, and Honorary.  The qualifications of such classes shall be as follows:

a. Active Member.  Any person shall be eligible for Active Membership if the person is an active employee interested in, engaged in, or associated with any phase of public transportation in a school transportation program.  Active members in good standing shall be entitled to attend all association meetings and participate in discussions of the association.  These members are entitled to hold office and to vote.

b. Associate Member.  Any person connected with pupil transportation in a supply, technical advisory capacity, or school district personnel other than those designated as an active members.  Associate members in good standing shall be entitled to attend all association meetings and participate in discussion of the association.  These members are not entitled to hold office or vote.

c. Honorary Member.  Retired active member with a minimum of five (5) consecutive years of membership in good standing in the association shall automatically become an honorary member.  Honorary members shall be entitled to all privileges of a active members with the exception of voting and holding office, but shall be exempt from paying dues.  The Executive Committee shall have the right to confer Honorary Membership in the association.

4.02 Rights of Members:  Active members of the association shall be entitled to all of the rights and privileges of the association including the right to vote, hold office, and receive any benefits offered by the association.  All other classifications of membership shall be entitled to the rights and privileges of the association except the right to vote, hold office, or to receive specific benefits, which may be available to the active members of the association.

4.03 Election of Members:  The Executive Committee shall have the power to approve all applications for membership except that no individual may be denied on the basis of race, national origin, religion, or gender.

4.04 Membership Year:  The membership year shall be the same as the fiscal year.

4.05 Transfer of Membership: Membership in the North Texas Pupil Transportation Association is nontransferable or assignable.

4.06 Termination of Membership: Membership in the association may be terminated for non-payment of dues, by resignation, by failure to comply with requirements for membership, or other causes as determined by the association.


5.01 Dues: The annual dues shall be determined by the Executive committee. All dues are payable by October 1 and shall be considered delinquent on January 1. Members who have paid dues by November 1 will be included in the NTAPT directory for that school year.


 6.01 Monthly Meetings:  The association shall meet every month from September through May unless determined otherwise by the membership.  The monthly meeting will occur on the second Thursday of each month with any exception to be determined by the Executive Committee.

6.02 Special Meetings:  Special meetings of the members may be called by the president, Executive Committee, or not fewer than 50% of the members who have voting rights.

6.03 Place of Meetings:  The membership shall be informed of the place of the monthly meeting and program for the meeting by the secretary.  The Executive Committee shall approve the meeting sites in advance.

6.04 Order of Business:  The order of business shall be as follows at a minimum:  Call to order, reading, and adoption of the minutes and treasurer’s report, unfinished business, new business, program, adjournment.  


7.01 Fiscal Year:  The fiscal year of the association shall be from September 1 of one year to August 31 of the follow year.  

7.02 Budget:  The Executive Committee shall prepare and adopt a budget at its first meeting each year.

7.03 Annual Audit:  The association shall prepare an annual audit for the distribution to Chapter members.  

7.04 Fiscal Policy:  The Executive Committee shall adopt and from time to time review the Chapter’s fiscal policy.  This fiscal policy will set out formal procedures that shall govern internal controls; the signing of checks,; the obligation of funds; authorized expenses, and other significant aspects of the association’s fiscal operation.  


8.01 Parliamentary Procedure:  All meetings of the association shall be conducted according to parliamentary procedure as set forth in the most recently published Roberts Rules of Order unless they are inconsistent with the constitution and bylaws or special rules of this association.  The immediate past president will discern appropriate parliamentary action as required during regular, special, and Executive Committee meetings of the association.  




9.01 Officers: The officers of the organization shall consist of a President, a President-Elect, a Secretary, a Treasurer, Historian, and an ex officio.

9.02 Election:  Election of officers shall be conducted each year between May and August to assure that the officers will be able to assume The Nominating Committee shall present a ballot of at least one candidate for each office to the membership at the March meeting, with candidates for each office except President. The nominee for President shall be the current President-Elect. Nominations may also be made by any active member from the floor at the March meeting, provided the nominee's consent is secured before the nomination is made. All candidates for office must be active members in good standing meaning their dues shall be paid by January 1 due date and must attend a minimum of 3 meetings that school year.  

9.03 Term: Officers shall serve until the installation of officers at the May meeting. There will be a 2-consecutive term limit for every office except Treasurer, for which there is no term limit. Other exceptions will be determined by the nominating committee with approval by the Executive Committee.

9.04 Vacancies:  A vacancy an office shall be filled by the Executive Committee and that person shall serve only to the end of the unexpired term, excepting the office of the president.  A vacancy in the office of president shall be filled by the president-elect. The president-elect shall move into the office of president to complete the term.  The president-elect shall advance to president the next year and fulfill his/her duties as usual.

9.05 Removal:  Chapter officers may be subject to removal from office by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the active membership present for obstructive behavior affecting the mission and goals of the association, violating the Constitution and By-Laws of the association, negligence of duties as stated in the Constitution and By-Laws, and/or misconduct or behavior to the association as reported by any active member of the association.

9.06 President: The President shall hold office for the period of one (1) year or until the new president takes office.  It shall be the duty of the president to preside or arrange for presiding officers at all meetings and in conjunction with the president-elect, to prepare the program for the monthly meetings of the association.  The president shall appoint all committees not otherwise specified except the Nominating Committee.  The president shall be the chairperson of the Executive Committee whenever deemed necessary, or whenever requested to do so by the membership.  The president shall perform all other duties normally pertaining to the office.  The president shall serve as an Ex-Officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.  The president shall arrange for an annual audit of the association’s financial records.

9.07 President-Elect: The president-elect shall hold office for a period of one(1) year and shall become the president of the association at the end of the current president’s term.  The president-elect shall serve as acting chairperson of the Executive Committee and presiding office over monthly chapter meetings in the absence of the president and perform other such duties as may be assigned by the president.  The president-elect shall, in conjunction with the president, prepare the program for the monthly meeting.  The president-elect shall advance to the office of president if the office of president is vacated.  The President-Elect shall serve as the chairperson of the membership and program committees.

9.08 Secretary: The secretary shall hold office for a period of one (1) year and shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the members, give notice of meetings or other events in accordance with the provisions of these By-Laws, be custodian of the association’s records, keep correspondence of the association, and maintain a database of all current members of the association including contact information.

9.09 Treasurer:  The treasurer shall hold office for an unspecified period. The treasure has charge and custody of and responsibility for all funds of the association receives and gives receipts for monies due and payable to the association from any source, and deposits said funds as required.  The treasurer is responsible for preparing the following year’s budget for the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall present an account of all monies at every general meeting.

9.10 Historian: The Historian shall maintain a narrative account of the events of the current year as well as a photographic history.

9.11 Immediate Past President (Ex-Officio):  The Ex-Officio shall hold office for a period of one (1) year at which time the office shall be filled by the previous president of the association.  The ex-officio shall serve as parliamentarian for the association and ensure proper order of the meeting proceedings in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.


10.1 Standing Committees:  The standing committees of the association shall consist of an Executive Committee, a Membership Committee, Road-e-o, poster, scholarship, speech, and an audit Committee.

10.02 Executive Committee:  The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the elected officers of the association and the immediate past President. The Ex-Officio shall serve as a non-voting member.

a. It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to act upon matters of business which are to be presented at the meetings of the association and to fill vacancies which may arise between elections. The Executive Committee shall approve all committee appointments made by the President. The Executive Committee shall conduct (in the interim between organization meetings) the duties and responsibilities and be the final authority for the conduct of the association in all matters, except as stated otherwise in the Constitution and Bylaws.

b. A member of the Executive Committee, by reason of three (3) consecutive absences from monthly meetings, may forfeit their membership on the executive committee by a majority vote of the executive committee.

c. Executive Committee meetings shall be called by the President or by a majority of the Executive Committee. Each year the committee shall meet in August, or as determined by the new President.

10.03 Membership Committee:  The Membership Committee shall consist of the president-elect, ex-officio and 2 active members from different geographic areas throughout the Chapter area.  It shall be the duty of the membership committee to promote membership in the association throughout the public school districts in the Chapter area.  The members are appointed by the current president.

a. It shall be the duty of the membership committee to promote membership in the organization throughout the school districts in North Texas.

b. The ex-officio shall preside over the membership committee.

10.04 Audit Committee:  Audit Committee shall consist of the president-elect, 2 active members appointed by the president from the association, and the treasurer.  The appointed members shall not be an officer of the association nor scheduled to become an officer in the next fiscal year.  If it is determined that the person holding the treasurer position will change, the incoming treasurer will observe during the audit to aid in the transition process.

10.05 Other Committees:  Other committees may be appointed by the president or by a majority of the Executive Committee.  

10.6 Nominating: The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) members and the immediate past President, who appoints the committee members. The immediate past President shall serve as a non-voting chairperson.

a.  It shall be the duty of the Audit Committee to review and inspect all financial records of the association for the current year.  The treasurer will provide all supporting documentation to the committee members as they may require.

b. The Audit Committee will prepare a written report to the membership at the first meeting of the association’s year (September) on the status of the record keeping and accuracy of the financial records.  A copy of this annual audit will be provided to the Executive Secretary for the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation.


Section 1. Regular: The organization shall meet monthly at a time and place determined by the Executive Committee. The order of business shall include the following: Call to order, reading of minutes and report of the Secretary, report of the Treasurer, unfinished business, report of the nominating committee, new business, program, and adjournment.

Section 2. Special: Special meetings of the organization may be called by the President or by the Executive Committee. The President or the Executive Committee must call a special meeting if they are requested to do so in a written request defining the purpose of the meeting signed by ten (10) percent or more of the active members.


11.01  Quorum:   A majority of active members present shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


12.01 Records:  The association shall keep records, complete books, and accounts and shall also keep minutes of the proceeding of its meetings and committee.  All books and records of the association may be inspected by any member for any proper purpose at any reasonable time.  The chapter secretary shall serve as the custodian of records for the association.  


13.01  Dissolution:  Upon dissolution of the association, all assets (including real property, money and equipment), after paying all just claims upon it, shall be conveyed to the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation Scholarship Fund for disbursement as determined by the TAPT Executive Committee.  The last official duties of the association’s president shall be to close all accounts, effect this transfer of property, and turn over all records to the Executive Secretary for the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation.  All property transfers will be made in full compliance with whatever laws are applicable at the time.  


14.01  Amendments:  Motions to amend the Constitution and By-Laws may be made at any regular meeting, but shall be tabled and then voted upon at the next scheduled meeting of the association.  A majority vote of the active members present is required for adoption.  Approved amendments will be documented and formally retained with the Constitution and By-Laws of the association. This Constitution and Bylaws may be amended by a majority of the active members voting.

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