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2022/2023 Executive Committee

Why is Resilience Important?


The way we deal with challenges can determine our success.


In life, we experience failures. We make errors in calculation and judgment and get the rug pulled off our feet as a consequence. Most of us never get up to try again. Being resilient means having the courage to bounce back and take risks despite adversity and initial setbacks. It is the essential key to success and has been used by most of the successful people you thought about earlier.


What are the qualities of a resilient person? Psychologists have determined common traits they possess.

Attributes of resilient people:

  • They are not paralyzed by obstacles life throws their way.

  • They tend to look at setbacks and failures as learning opportunities to do better

  • They focus their energy more on things and situations that are within their control.

  • They are committed to the goals they’ve set for themselves and the pursuit of their dreams.

Welcome to the 21/22 School year.  This will be a year that Resilience is needed.  Let's work together and overcome adversity to make this a great year!

Mark Hill


North Texas Association of Pupil Transportation

President – Mark Hill;


President Elect – Jerad Castor; 


Secretary – Brittany Lay;


Treasurer – Lori Fairless, Prosper ISD;


Historian – Angelo Grau; 


Past President – Scott Stewart; 

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